While journalists have the research and writing skills to 'tell' a compelling marketing story, copywriters are often better at crafting the content to 'sell' that story. For content marketing, both telling and selling, are vital to customer engagement. I’m here to help tell and sell your business story. As a professional journalist and a professional copywriter, I'm a brand journalist who offers a unique skills combination to provide you with writing and digital marketing support:

  • I'm a professionally-qualified freelance SEO copywriter with expertise in content marketing and content creation for multi-channel communications, including digital strategy.
  • I’m a NCTJ-taught award-winning journalist who has worked for the BBC and many national and international newspapers and magazines. You can see the details of my full career background here.
  • I've 15 years’ experience as an editor in the UK and EMEA, producing and managing magazines in the UK and overseas, in the lifestyle, health, overseas property, tourism and international business sectors. 

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This is My Story

  • Copywriting: I’m an experienced copywriter who has undertaken copywriting qualifications with Copywriting Training Ltd and who's a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network.
  • Digital Marketing: I hold Integrated Digital Marketing certificates from City University, London, and Hubspot Inbound Certification (2016).
  • Journalism: Across the course of my journalistic career, I’ve had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles. I've interviewed personalities as diverse as supermodels Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, heads of state, CEOs of multinationals, famous authors, Hollywood actors, technical experts and more. See examples of my writing here.
  • I’ve worked for the BBC.  I’ve written news articles, features, profiles, advertorials and blogs for multiple media outlets. These include The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Times, New Statesman, National Geographic, Gabon Magazine, Africa Geographic Magazine, Heritage Magazine, SimonSeeks, Everything Spain Magazine, and many more. 
  • I've edited consumer and B2B magazines in genres that include business, international trade and economy, finance, banking, property, travel, lifestyle and health.
  • I’ve been a frequent contributor to Kate Adie’s BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent. I’m a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW) and was winner of the BGTW Trade and Tourism Writing Award. I'm a judge for the Australian Society of Travel Writers' Annual Writing Awards. I'm the author of several guidebooks and non-fiction titles. From 2005-2013, I edited and produced the national magazine (bilingual French/English) for the Government of Gabon, West Africa. This covered pan-African current affairs, trade, economy, banking, finance, telecommunications, oil & gas, raw materials, agri-business and more. I'm the BBC consultant correspondent on the Republic of Gabon, West Africa, covering politics and current affairs. 
  • Languages: I have full working proficiency in French and Spanish and am a specialist in copywriting from French or Spanish source materials. I offer transcreation and translation from French and Spanish into English.
Hi Sarah, Thought you did a fabulous job on the writing of your piece about Dubai, which has just aired on Radio 4 From Our Own Correspondent and goes out at various times today on the World Service. Your script was terrific – great descriptions, colour and sense of place. Kate Adie, our presenter, was very complimentary. Hope you’ll have something else for us before long. Many thanks, Tony
— Tony Grant, Producer, BBC Radio 4, From Our Own Correspondent

What's Your Story?

That’s my story. Can I help tell yours? I know that Google ranking and on-page SEO are your priority and you can find out more about my SEO copywriting expertise here. I know that you want high-quality and persuasive content and you can find out more about my copywriting and editorial services and business blogging services here.


Contact me on +44 (0) 7905916610 or drop me a line at sarah@connectedcopy.co.uk. Alternatively, fill in a few details on my contact form to discuss your project with absolutely no obligation.


Sectors I Cover

The same principles of persuasive SEO copywriting and marketing apply whatever your field. It’s a matter of adapting these to match to your goals and buyer personas. I’ve produced articles and copywriting topics ranging from gas pipelines to raw rubber production, horticulture, international finance, overseas property, interior design, cosmetics, health, hotels, travel and tourism, and more. See a range of writing examples here. 

Whatever the complexities, specifics or jargon of your industry or specialty, my research skills mean I’ll be able to capture the essence of your services. Then I'll write about them in the most positive light.

Coming fresh to your company’s activities as a copywriter means that I’ll express the needs of your audience from their viewpoint and more clearly than an industry or technical expert. Explore the copywriting sectors I cover here.


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