Copywriter with Expertise in African Affairs, Economy and Trade 

Much of my career has focused on writing about the EMEA region. I’m a specialist journalist on African affairs, especially African economy, trade, and travel & tourism. If you require a brand journalist or copywriter for African business who has a solid background in African geo-politics, economy and commerce, contact me here.

I’m the former Senior Editor of the national magazine for the Government of Gabon, West Africa. My writing about Africa has been published in UK national newspapers, Africa Geographic, Geographical, the Angolan national magazine, Sonangal, and many others. I also have a good grounding in Middle Eastern affairs, having worked in the UAE, and written for a range of publications on Middle Eastern economic and tourism issues.

Journalist and Copywriter for African Business

African Business Journalism and Copywriting Background

Consultant Correspondent on Gabon, West Africa, for the BBC, UK-based. (2012 – Present)

  • I follow and cover politics and current affairs in Gabon for BBC news. I make regular ad-hoc contributions to BBC Radio 4 From Our Own Correspondent, BBC World Service and BBC Radio 5. I was the winner of the British Guild of Travel Writers Trade and Tourism Award for my article The Future is Green, Gabon, the New Eco-tourism Destination, published in Gabon Magazine.

Senior Editor, Gabon Magazine, London and Libreville-based (2005-2014)

  • Gabon Magazine ( the national magazine (print & online bilingual English/French) for the Government of the Gabonese Republic, West Africa promoting business, trade and tourism and distributed to target international audience. Produced by Impact Media Global for Forbes Custom Magazines. I have been responsible for client liaison at highest levels of the Gabonese government, strategy and day-to-day management. This involved regular travel to West Africa for research. I managed a bilingual editorial and design team. Magazine editorial content: pan-African current affairs and business news; commerce and trade; economy, agri-business; telecommunications; environment and climate change; finance; banking; oil & gas; minerals, timber, other raw materials, eco-tourism development, wildlife protection and more.

Contributor, AfriCities Magazine (2015)

  • AfriCities Magazine, focusing on Africa’s urban and habitat challenges, was published in conjunction with the 7th Africities Summit organised by the United Cities and Local Government of Africa (UCLG Africa) in Johannesburg 2015.

Journalist and Copywriter, for Nigerian Government (2013 to present)

  • I’ve undertaken a range of copywriting and report-writing commissions for Nigerian government clients, notably the Ministry of Petroleum Resources. Areas I’ve covered include local content and energy indigenization within the petroleum industry, energy security, the natural gas revolution, telecommunications, agriculture and agri-business, environmental issues, gender equality and health. I was a main contributor to the Nigerian Government book: Champion for Women, Transforming Nigeria with Women in Key Positions.

Lead Author: Capital Markets of Africa and the Middle East (2014)

  • Book commissioned by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) in 2014. The publication illustrates the ever-growing importance of the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East to the world. It reports, in a clear and insightful fashion, the progression of the capital market within each country in these regions.

Ghost Author: The Road Less Travelled, A Biography of Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate (2014)

  • Published by Red & Scott Ltd, London. This is the biography of leading global public health leader, Dr Muhammad Ali Pate. A member of the Global Clinton Health Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and former Nigerian Minister of Health, Dr Pate's visionary efforts to assist Nigeria by transforming its healthcare system, eradicate polio and improve health outcomes through his 'Saving One Million Lives' initiative, won him the respect of the global health community.

Some samples of my journalism and copywriting on African business can be seen here. Please contact me to see more.


African Business Copywriting Sectors

  • Oil & Gas and Energy
  • Agriculture & agribusiness
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Infrastructure development
  • Health 
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport Sector
  • Banking, Finance and Investment Products
  • Business specialisms of a wide range of SMEs

Sectorial Copywriting Overview

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