Your Business is the Bees Knees. So What?

Photo by TinaFB/iStock / Getty Images

Too many businesses fail to win over customers with their marketing content. They can’t see the wood for the trees. Or better put, the benefits for the features.

So, if you’re about to draft your website copy and sing the praises of your latest product, stop and think.

Not about you, but about your customers. Try and differentiate between features and benefits. Ask yourself, what good is your product to them?

Sure, your new cordless vacuum cleaner has patented technology. Sure, it's fast becoming the bestselling upright in Europe. Sure, it’s made your company’s stock figures soar. But again, so what?

Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

Your buyer persona (let’s say she's a busy working mum) doesn’t care a jot. She cares only about one thing. Herself. So don’t tell her your new vacuum is the business because it has:

1.    Cordless technology and a polycarbonate exterior

2.   A powerful rotating brush

3.   A high-tech lithium battery

These are the physical features (about as useful to her as a broom with no head).

Features Tell But Benefits Sell

Explain to her the functional benefits that will make a difference to her life. That:

1.    It’s light to carry. So she can get it into the smallest nooks, with no irritating cable trailing behind her.

2.   Its manoeuvrable head will have her whizzing around sucking up the dirt, pet hairs and kid crumbs in a jiffy.

3.   Its battery has 60 minutes operating time – more than enough to clean her house three times over.

Isn’t that more powerful? Now, you’ve engaged her emotions. She can visualise how your zippy gadget will make her life a breeze. She’s imagining herself on the sofa, glossy magazine to hand. Her sitting room is immaculate.

Remember, for the customer, it’s all about ‘What’s in it for me?’

By the way, did you know that the term ‘bee’s knees’ is a comic corruption of the word ‘business’? You do now – as well as how to market your product so it's fit for it.