Best Advice for Improving Your Website's On-page SEO

If you're confused about what on-page SEO is and how to go about it, here are two excellent reference sources. They're both comprehensive so they'll demystify a lot for you all in one place.  

Why bother about your website's on-page SEO content?

Why should you? Because even if you'd prefer to have a professional copywriter craft you effective website content, getting these elements right is key to strong organic search results. This information shows what your content should contain and how it should be structured. It'll also help you determine if your SEO copywriter is doing a good job.

On-page SEO explained

The first reference source is the eponymous Rand Fishkin of Moz. His blog post The Perfectly Optimized Page sets out clear rules for on-page SEO. It includes this helpful infographic: 


So much on-page information in one place, thanks to Rand Fishkin

So much on-page information in one place, thanks to Rand Fishkin

Crash Course to SEO Content Marketing

The second is an on-page SEO resource from Minneapolis-based digital marketing company, Snap Agency. Snap Agency has produced a step-to-step guide that covers much of what you need to do to make your website optimise. It won plaudits from Brian Dean of Backlinko. He described it as a: "A well done crash course to SEO". 

 It covers all of the following:

  • How to find your money-making keyword opportunities and the tools you need.
  • The principles of technical SEO and schema mark-up (this is your page mark-up, URL wording and page links – even if you don't do this yourself, it's worth knowing about to be able to brief your copywriter or web developer).
  • A guide to content strategy – in other words how to choose what to include on your website in terms of content and blog topics and make it relevant for your target audience.
  • How to get backlinks – vital for boosting your site's authority and visibility – through everything from good blogging to guest posts on other websites to getting your site on directory listings and more.

View Snap Agency's Crash Course to SEO Marketing here. 

Snap Agency were kind enough to 'like' my LinkedIn Slideshare presentation: '8 Must Dos For High Converting Website Content'. This is a simple guide I produced about on-page SEO and you can check it out here. 

I hope this helps you in understanding on-page SEO for your website. If you'd like more advice, then just head over here.