First impressions count. You’ve a matter of seconds to capture attention on your website. Good design is paramount but your content is just as important. Errors and typos actually impact on ROI. They annoy your audience and make them trust you less. BBC-reported research shows that spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales. Depending on how much support you need, I can help you ensure your content’s credibility and readability. This could be either a final proofreading ‘polish’ or a copy-editing ‘overhaul’.

Copy-editing: Website Copy or Print Editorial 'Overhaul'

This is an extensive edit. Opt for this if you feel your content or copy needs re-structuring, re-ordering or re-writing.

  • I pay close attention to accessibility, keyword use, your brand voice and the UX of each page. It’s vital your content is clear and easy to understand for your visitors and that it ‘talks’ in their language.

  • I'll correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and style and usage. I’ll work on readability and clarity and suggest structural improvements.

  • I’ll propose changes such as use of more 'magnetic' headlines, shorter sentences, sub-heads, bullets and better choice or positioning of keywords.

  • I’ll check your links are up-to-date too. When needed, I'll improve your anchor text and calls-to-actions.

  • I’ll make sure your meta descriptions and page title tags are best optimised for your keywords and goals.

Proofreading: Website Copy or Print Editorial 'Polish'

If you’re happy with your content but want to be sure it is word-perfect, opt for proofreading. This is the final check that already copy-edited web or print copy receives. It doesn’t involve substantive re-writing.

  • Generally, in print format, this will be copy laid out by your designer. I’ll work in Word or in PDF format – in the latter case, I mark-up in Adobe Acrobat Pro. I’m also happy to work on-screen in InDesign or QuarkXpress.

  • I’ll look for consistency with your house- or chosen style, grammatical, punctuation and spelling accuracy, use of captions, headings and sub-heads.

  • I’ll mark up poor page or column breaks. I’ll do any cross-referencing needed: footnotes or chapter headings, internal links, page numberings and check image captions.

  • Proofreading of website copy involves the above. I prioritise (scan-) accessibility and pay close attention to tone, language, readability and sentence length.

Connected Copy supplies copy-editing and proofreading services for websites and print for clients in the UK and abroad.

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