Only your customers or clients can tell you if your copy is working – and they will

… if your copy has driven them to take the action you want: book a consult, make an enquiry or sign up..

To make this happen for you…

I use a conversion copywriting process. This involves researching your business and your clients (via message mining/customer surveys/interviews) to create your authentic voice-of-customer (VoC).

‘Sticky’ copy is what you get when I use the phrases and thoughts your actual customers are using that expresses their wants and needs.

I edit and prioritise this into a hierarchy to create messaging that gives that ‘Aha - this business is right for me moment’ in your prospect’s head.

If you’ve written your site yourself or had your copy produced by someone who doesn’t understand this process, the end-result will be different.

This isn’t creative writing, it’s sales writing. Based on VoC data, I craft content that not only convinces your clients that you and they are a good fit; it compels them to take action.

My copy perfectionism goes right down to the UX of the micro-copy on your CTAs (calls-to-action) and buttons. I never use ‘submit’…