Like every business operation, you need to market the benefits of your services, products or niche industry sector to your own customers. As a business copywriter in West Sussex and award-winning journalist with strong research and analytical marketing skills, I’ll capture the essence of your services and help push your company forward.

I’ve written for diverse sectors ranging from gas pipelines, raw rubber production, horticulture and landscaping, international finance, the medical industry, overseas property, interior design, cosmetics, shoes, health, to hotels, resorts and eco-tourism reserves, and more. Browse copywriting samples here.


Effective Copywriting For Your Niche Industry

Your business or industry comes with its own complexities, specifics and jargon. I deliver results by studying your existing marketing materials and your competition, by talking to you, and where needed, to your sales people.

  • By getting to understand your industry, your brand identity, your audience and your marketing goals in detail, I can write about your business in the most positive light for the people who matter most: your customers.
  • I provide them clear and understandable SEO website content and well-written industry blogs that they’ll understand – and want to act upon.

No Jargon: Just Clear, Relevant Content

Coming fresh to your company’s activities as a copywriter means that I’ll express the needs of your audience from their viewpoint – and more clearly than an industry or technical expert.


Sectorial Copywriting Experience

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Sound Me Out

I’m a business copywriter based in West Sussex but my clients are based across the UK and internationally. You can call me on +44 (0) 7905916610 to talk through outsourcing your project or brief with no obligation at all. Alternatively, drop me a line at or simply fill in a few details on my contact form.