I’m here to help so that the website content, editorial or other services I provide will permit you to focus on your bigger marketing picture. I’m a freelance copywriter, not an agency, so you’ll find my fees reasonable and straightforward. Once we’ve clarified the details of your project, I’ll give you a start-to-finish quote, so you have no hidden costs. I always work until you are 100% satisfied. 

If you’ve not used a copywriter’s services before, you might find helpful this short guide about Hiring a Copywriter from the Professional Copywriters’ Network. The information below should help you with any other questions.

Download my copywriting brief template here.


What kind of clients do you work with?

Perhaps you are a small business owner, a marketing manager, an agency or a website design company. I can help you with your print or online copywriting. I’m happy to work autonomously or in conjunction with your in-house team. I’m very happy to work alongside your web designers or developers so that your site’s layout, content and functionality all work in harmony. Either way, you’ll find me professional and agreeable to work with.

Do I need a detailed brief ready?

If you already have a clear brief, then great, I am happy to work to it. If you don’t, then we’ll determine it together. Perhaps you need help figuring out the right marketing formats. Either way, I’ll work with you to write content that dovetails with your messaging across your platforms. I'll deliver effective results and measurable ROI for you.

How do you charge?

I quote for each project individually. I determine the time I’ll need to deliver your work and take into consideration its complexity. I’ll give you a final quote before we start and a time frame.

What about revisions?

I supply a first draft, then ask for your feedback, followed by up to two rounds of revisions. I prepare a clear scope of work for each project and rarely find that clients need more than two rounds of revisions. In the unlikely case that they are, we’ll look at why and if we agree, discuss a small additional fee.

What are your payment terms?

If I’ve not worked with you before, I’ll ask for a 50% deposit up front. The balance is payable upon project completion. For regular clients, I have more relaxed payment terms.

How do I go about commissioning a project with you?

If you want to meet face-to-face, I’m happy to do so if distance doesn’t make it unfeasible. I’m a copywriter and website content provider in West Sussex, near Brighton. London is just over an hour away. If we don’t meet, we’ll email (sarah@connectedcopy.co.uk) speak by phone (+44 (0) 7905916610) or Skype (sarah-monaghan). I’ll talk to you about your brief and ask you about your business, marketing goals, customers, and competition. I’ll get as much detail as possible. Questions I’ll ask will include:

  1. Who are the customers you’re targeting?
  2. What's the goal for the project?
  3. What service or products do they need from you and how will your provide this?
  4. What's your relationship with them?
  5. What makes them hesitate before buying from you?
  6. Who are your competitors and what makes you better/unique?
  7. How will you access your prospect?
  8. What reassurances and guarantees do you offer the prospect?
  9. What marketing methods have you used so far, and with what results?
  10. How will you know when you've achieved your goal?

I’ll then produce a scope of work. This will include my copywriting terms and conditions for you to sign. This way we both know what we’re agreeing to. Sometimes, of course, a project evolves in scope. If that happens, we’ll discuss it and if need be, revise the budget. I’m reasonable and I trust you are too.

Will you be able to write about my industry or business without direct experience of the sector?

Yes. Within reason and with the exception of nuclear physics! I’m a trained copywriter and experienced journalist. I've written about subjects ranging from rubber production to horticulture displays to gas pipelines to the medical industry to interior design. I'll need to research the specifics of your business, its jargon, and your competitors, but I’m used to doing this. The same principles of persuasive copywriting and marketing are valid for every business. They have to be tailored, of course, to your specific needs.

Will you be able to improve my page ranking and help me with search engine optimisation (SEO)?

That will be my goal and I give more details on how on my Website Content and On-Page SEO services page. I can help you with this by using sensible keyword intelligence. That means using keyword research specific to you (I can do this for you or direct you to the tools you need). I’ll deliver strong on-site SEO by providing you high-performing titles, meta descriptions, static (as opposed to dynamic) URLs, formatting and linking, and content promotion advice. I don’t do off-site SEO. That’s the remit of your web developer.

You do. That’s why you're hiring me. My copywriting terms and conditions state: "Copyright in all published content (such as content produced on your behalf) will be granted to you on payment of your invoice." I may ask if I can showcase work I have done for you.

You look after the copywriting but how do I find professionals to design my brochure or website?

Content creation is my area of expertise but I am always happy to refer you to design professionals, website developers or printing companies I trust. I’m happy to work in tandem with them.

Do you agree to sign a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement? What about a retainer agreement?

Yes, once I’ve considered the copywriting terms and conditions in them and made sure they are reasonable. I understand a company’s need for non-disclosure. I understand the problems involved with working for direct competitors.   

I'm interested. What's next?

Great. Let’s talk. Call me on +44 (0) 7905916610 or drop me a line at sarah@connectedcopy.co.uk. Alternatively, fill in a few details on my contact form to discuss your project with absolutely no obligation.