Independent schools traditionally haven’t had to focus hard on marketing to guarantee a steady stream of pupils. They're having, though, to become more business-minded.

A smarter marketing approach is now needed to attract what is a smaller applicant pool. This pool is shrinking for socio-economic reasons and due to changes in the UK birthrate.

The Office for National Statistics states that the UK birthrate reached a 12-year low in 2018. Couples are having fewer children or deferring having them until later.

Independent schools, like many organisations, are also having to adapt their marketing strategies to reach their millennial prospective parent customer base.

Marketing to millennial parents isn’t easy. The millennial generation lead hyper-connected lives. They depend on their phones to do their Internet research. They're able to recognise hype, insincerity and misinformation.

Millennial parents require a new approach to engagement. It hinges on user-focused content that answers the key questions these inquisitive and caring parents are asking.

That means a multi-channel strategy, with an emphasis on social media and video marketing.