Professional SEO copywriter who delivers clear, meaningful B2B or B2C communication materials for businesses

I'm a business copywriter. By understanding your industry, brand identity, audience and marketing goals in detail, I'll write about your business in the most positive light for the people who matter most: your customers. I’ll focus your content to fit your unique target audience.

Your business or industry comes with its own complexities, specifics and jargon. I’ll deliver results for you by studying your marketing materials and those of your competition, by talking to you, and where needed, to your sales people. Find out about the research methods I use to do this here. I’ll also ensure you’re not blinding that audience with industry jargon by communicating complex commercial and financial concepts clearly and persuasively.

I’ve written extensively on business, economy and finance, in print and web format. Areas I have covered include:

  • Oil & Gas and Energy

  • Agriculture & agribusiness

  • Mining

  • Forestry

  • Infrastructure development

  • Information technology (IT)

  • The Internet of Things (I0T)

  • Open Banking

  • Banking & financial products

  • Telecommunications

  • Transport Sector

  • Finance and FinTech

  • SME business specialisms

  • Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

  • Digital business transformation

I supply business copywriting in these formats: SEO website copytechnical copywriting; style and tone of voice guides; press releases; case studies; reports; white papers; annual reportsbusiness blogs and e-books.

Economy and Finance Writing Background

  • I am content creator for FinTech & Artificial Intelligence company, Sidetrade, leading global provider of Predictive Sales-to-Cash solutions. See example, thought paper, video script and press release here.

  • I was the Editor of Gabon Magazine (2005-2013) for the Gabonese Republic, published by Forbes Custom Magazines. The bilingual magazine was distributed to global decision-makers. It covered economic issues including agribusiness, mining, forestry, oil & gas, finance, telecommunications, infrastructure, and more.

  • I'm the former Deputy Editor, ABC News, quarterly publication for the American Business Council of Dubai.

  • I'm the author of Africa and Middle East Capital Markets, published for the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

Sectorial Copywriting Overview

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I’m a business copywriter based in West Sussex. My clients are based across the UK and internationally. Call me on +44 (0) 7905916610 to talk through your business copywriting project or brief. Email me at or fill in my contact form.