Blog content is now at the heart of any business content SEO strategy but it’s time consuming to plan and write. To publish consistent quality content, it can make sense to outsource and build up a relationship with a dedicated content creator who understands your business objectives. She'll help brainstorm ideas and create a content schedule, freeing you to get on with your other work demands. Check out some of my business blog samples here. 

I offer a news and business blogging service for companies and charities across the UK and abroad. Blogs are a form of writing that I love. Really! I’m a trained journalist so the mix of creativity and discipline that blogging requires is right up my street. Whether you want a one-off blog or a blog package, I can help. Find out more about the benefits of blogging for your business here

Sarah always succeeds in turning my rough ideas into engaging and relevant posts that hit the mark for my target audience in the management consultancy field.
— Jack Broadley, Director, Pelorus Consulting

Why Blogging Works for Business

Blogs make investment sense. A recent Harvard Business Review concluded you get “a better bang for your buck with content marketing”. There are many benefits to investing in a content publication strategy:.

  • Blogging's a cost-effective way of building your reputation as an authority in your niche field.
  • It boosts your SEO (if done through careful keyword use) so you get found by more new customers.
  • Blogs are shareable through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • Each post builds a fresh indexable page on your website. That's one more opportunity for you to appear in the SERPs and send traffic to your website through organic search.
  • Your bank of blogs is a long-lasting SEO-rich resource for better organic search performance.
  • Blog content that's useful to your target customer establishes you as a trusted authority, a factor Google ranks for.
Blogging on your company’s website is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. By providing your own unique thoughts and insights, you naturally grow your search traffic, customer trust and ultimately, sales. To some extent, blogging also levels the playing field with big brands, giving small businesses the unprecedented opportunity to compete with big businesses with big budgets.
— Forbes, May 28, 2015

Business Blog Content Development

  • Need inspiration about what you should blog on and about formats? I’ll help with your content schedule and come up with fresh ideas for content.
  • Want an effective keyword strategy on which to base your blogs? I’ll direct you to the tools you need or do the research for you.
  • Unsure at to the kind of questions your customers, website visitors and buyer personas need answered in your blog content? I’ll help you develop the answers.

Blog Formats:

  • Authority-building or thought-leader blogs
  • SEO-generating blogs
  • Industry-related data and news blogs
  • Industry case studies
  • Tip-style consumer facing posts
  • Features, guides, interviews and Q&As



Connected Copy supplies business blogging from West Sussex for clients in the UK and abroad. Call +44 (0) 7905916610, email or fill in a few details on my contact form.


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