Do you need a content specialist who can deliver clear, meaningful information materials for your patients, carers, healthcare service providers? B2B medical professionals and decision-makers? A copywriter who can supply SEO content and engaging and informative healthcare and medical news and blogs?

I’m a copywriter for healthcare and medical subjects, in print and web formats. I’ll focus your content to fit your target audience by working with you to understand your industry, brand identity and marketing goals in detail. I’ll also ensure you’re not blinding that audience by communicating complex scientific and medical concepts clearly and persuasively.

Thanks Sarah for the thought paper you wrote for us on the rise of Head-to-Head trials in the Pharmaceutical Industry. It met our brief very well, the length was perfect, and the language was a great combo of pithy/succinct and knowledgeable and you really got to the heart of what we were writing about in an accessible but really intelligence voice. I was very pleased with the process of working with you, and we would love to partner with you on future thought pieces!
— Maggie Zelasko, Marketing Manager, Deallus Consulting
  • Healthcare services

  • Medical developments

  • Health and medical therapies

  • Medical equipment advances

  • Biotechnology

  • Drug development

  • Maternal and child healthcare

  • IVF and fertility treatment

  • Lasik surgery

  • Diabetes, thalassemia, osteoporosis, ADHD, HIV/Aids

  • Telemedicine

  • Global public health

  • Alternative therapies, inc. homeopathy


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