SEO Copywriter for Healthcare and Medical Communications 

Do you need a content specialist who can deliver clear, meaningful information materials for your patients, carers, healthcare service providers? B2B medical professionals and decision-makers? A copywriter who can supply SEO content and engaging and informative healthcare and medical news and blogs?

I’m a copywriter for healthcare and medical subjects, in print and web formats. I’ll focus your content to fit your target audience by working with you to understand your industry, brand identity and marketing goals in detail. I’ll also ensure you’re not blinding that audience by communicating complex scientific and medical concepts clearly and persuasively.

Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical Copywriting Areas Covered

  • Healthcare services
  • Medical developments
  • Health and medical therapies
  • Medical equipment advances
  • Biotechnology
  • Drug development
  • Maternal and child healthcare
  • IVF and fertility treatment
  • Lasik surgery
  • Diabetes, thalassemia, osteoporosis, ADHD, HIV/Aids
  • Telemedicine
  • Global public health
  • Alternative therapies, inc. homeopathy

Specialist Medical and Healthcare Copywriting and Communications

My previous healthcare and medical copywriting communication work includes the following roles:

  • Editor: Middle East Health Magazine, distributed to senior healthcare professionals, administrators and decision-makers in the healthcare industry in 12 countries.
  • Health Editor: Home & Country Magazine
  • Health and Well-being Writer: Emirates Woman Magazine
  • Author: The Road Less Travelled: Biography of Dr Muhammad Ali Pate. A leading global public health leader and member of the Global Clinton Health Initiative and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr Pate’s visionary efforts to assist Nigeria by transforming its healthcare system, eradicate polio and improve health outcomes through his 'Saving One Million Lives' initiative, won him the respect of the global health community. You can download The Road Less Travelled: Biography of Dr Muhammad Ali Pate here.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Copywriting

I’m a copywriter with experience of healthcare and medical communications. Call me on +44 (0) 7905916610 or email or simply fill in a few details on my contact form.


Copywriting Sectors I Cover:

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