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1, Thy watchword shalt be style, not mode

Classic is your friend. Simplicity and good quality are the fundamentals of elegance so dress your age. As a starting point, get yourself a well-tailored, single-breasted blazer, in a light cotton-mix fabric, or a half-lined linen-blend sports coat. They’re versatile core pieces for your summer wardrobe. Wear them over shorts, jeans or pants.

2, Thou shalt choose clothes that fit your body

Nothing detracts from style like ill-fitting garments. Too tight, too baggy: the effect’s the same. This edict is never more relevant than with the summer suit – two-piece for less dressy occasions, three-piece for the more slick. Make yours silk, cotton, linen or seersucker but make it fit. Mid-blue or grey are great colours for summer days.

3, Thou shalt choose thy colour tones with care

It’s all too easy to think summer splash. But rather than Hawaiian shirts (too garish – think Donald Trump... ), opt for a palette of blues, blacks, white, greys and) khakis. A cotton Oxford or a subtly patterned shirt is a far more elegant and flexible addition for formal (wear it tucked in) or casual (wear it loose) occasions.

4, Thou shalt select thy denim with discretion

While every man needs a pair of jeans, ditch the Dad, the distressed or the drainpipe. A well-fitting dark indigo pair of straight-legged jeans– slim, but not too tight – is perfect for lazy days.

5, Thou shalt keep it natural

Natural fibres wick away sweat and keep you fresh. Make the fabric next to your skin 100% cotton: be it t-shirts, polo shirts, your boxers, or your summer-weight chinos.

6, Thou shalt honour thy feet

Flip-flops and sandals are fine for pool and informal wear but are your feet presentable? Keep toenails clipped and heels free of hard skin. Or grab a classic pair of leather boat shoes and go sockless from beach to restaurant. If you love trainers, choose block colour: no neon stripes. Do we need to tell you not to mix socks and sandals? Good.

7, Thou shalt cover thy head and stay sun-safe

Whether you’re a Jay Gatsby type, who can carry off a straw boater with panache, or a Humphrey Bogart, who loves a panama, wear your hat with pride. Both these lightweight hat types ooze a casual and classic confidence.

8, Thou shalt wear thy shorts well

Shorts have become an acceptable part of the summer wardrobe. But get them wrong at your peril. Avoid the over-sized cargo or boxer-style type: they’ll either make you look like an overgrown school boy or just plain indecorous. A classic pair of flat-fronted Chino shorts, cut just above the knee-line, is cool, comfortable and easy to dress down or up.

9, Thou shalt not squint

A quality pair of sunglasses that suit your face type are not only practical (a zigzag of white and brown crow feet is very aging), they’re a real style booster. Dark frames and dark lenses always work: tortoise-shell, horn or wood are classic choices. Wayfarers suit most people. Just don’t wear them at night.

10, Thou shalt invest in a quality belt (or two)

A belt can turn the most basic trousers (or shorts) and shirt combo into an instant outfit. You can opt for a classic solid leather type with a strong buckle or add interest with a canvas or leather weave. Remember, style is in the detail.