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BBC Ecotourism Article

BBC News. At the moment Gabon, in West Africa, is reliant on oil for its income. But with supplies due to run out by 2020, President Omar Bongo is keen to turn some of the virgin equatorial forest - full of elephants, chimps, gorillas, mandrills, hippos and leopards - into national parks for tourists. It is a bit disconcerting to find your interviewee doesn't like talking. Liz Pearson ... Read here.


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Follow Grace Kelly's Footsteps

Daily Mail: Sarah Monaghan reports from northern Mallorca. Lying on the deck of the Balearic Breezer, its white sails billowing as it cruises across the Bay of Pollensa, I feel glamorous. We sail into Formentor Bay, a golden strip of sand enclosed by pine-forested hillsides where the water is shades of cobalt and aquamarine. Trailing my hand in it, I see a champagne cork bobbing... Read here.


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Viewing Pleasures

Gabon Magazine: With settings from Out of Africa to the Heart of Darkness, Loango National Park offers such a varied landscape that, as Sarah Monaghan discovers, each day’s safari is a new episode. Startled by the muffled yelps, Dimitri, our guide, looked around sharply, half expecting perhaps to see a wild animal on his tail. After all, that was why we were creeping ... Read here.

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