Company Mission Statement
LinkedIn profile written for Sidetrade: a NYSE Alternext-listed software company specialising in SaaS which was created in 2000 in order to improve the management of financial relationship with customers.


Sidetrade Mission Statement

Sidetrade takes the guesswork out of your financial forecasting, freeing you to take control of your cash flow management with state-of-the-art predictive data science.

The result? You get paid faster and are more reactive and resilient than your competitors.

How? We empower all our subscriber companies with a leading-edge level of automated control.

Our unique Cloud-based ‘Sales-to-Cash’ technology combines innovative predictive financial modeling software: SPi (Sidetrade Payment Intelligence) solution.

Over 1,000 companies, of all sizes and sectors, in 65 countries, are already boosting their performance and profits with our accurate SaaS management of their customer relationships and cash-flow generation.

Using analytics and smart data, SPi gives the people in charge of company finances an X-ray vision into their present and future financial positions.

Our big data technology means we combine customized analysis of macro-economic and industry payment behavior data.

So your finance department is equipped to accurately evaluate future financial performance. They can then create unique predictive models to adapt client terms and their accounts receivable processes.

That’s how we’re enabling many of the world’s companies, big and small, to withstand volatility and grow.

SPi. It’s the power of proactive – rather than passive – cash flow management.