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Hire A Toyota Hybrid Eco Car and Get a Complimentary Tank of Fuel!

At Lima Autos, we’re celebrating the launch of our fleet of Toyota Hybrid hire cars. We're giving away a tank full of free fuel when you rent one of our new energy-efficient cars. But act fast: this opening offer’s on for one month only. To take advantage, you … read more

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just need to rent a Hybrid for a week minimum. Hire one of our new 250 energy-efficient vehicles from any of our 25 branches. They’re situated across the UK. Drop off at any of our locations.

Environmentally-Responsible Car Hire

All our high-performance Toyota Hybrids save you fuel. They reduce CO2 emissions and recharge their batteries without being plugged in. That’s because Hybrids recycle energy and have an electric and petrol engine working in tandem.

At low speeds, the petrol engine powers down and the car is driven by the electric motor. But don’t worry. Both engines work together so when you need to, you can really put your foot down.

Hybrid technology means our energy-efficient cars deliver figures as impressively low as three litres of petrol per 100 km. So you can expect the tank of fuel we’re comp-ing you to go a long way.

That’s great news for your wallet – and your environmental conscience.

Choosing the Right Hybrid For You

Find the right size of vehicle to suit you from our Toyota car hire range. We’ve chosen practical, good-value car hire options for everyday motoring.

How about:

  • A nifty 1.5 litre Toyota Yaris? A compact 5-door hatchback that seats four to five passengers – perfect for city travel

  • A spacious 1.8 litre Toyota Auris? A 5-door hatchback with plenty of room for five passengers – great for longer journeys

  • A 2.5 litre Rav 4? A compact 4x4 SUV that seats five and copes well with rugged terrain – an ideal family all-rounder

A Full Tank on Us

So, don’t delay and book your car hire now. The celebratory tank of petrol is on us for one calendar month only (offer ends June 30).

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